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Lone Star Runners of Cowtown (LSRC) is a running group based in Fort Worth, Texas, specifically geared toward the social aspect of running. All of us in the group love three things: Running, drinking, and being social. So we figured why not combine all the things we love into one awesome club that caters to those who love running in a casual environment! 

One – Run to get in shape
Two – Run to be social
Three – Run to eat, drink and have fun after the run

Our group meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Chimy's in the West 7th district.

THE COURSE: We will have two options:

- 3 mile out-and-back down the Trinity trails up to the Rosedale Street Bridge
- 5 mile out-and-back down the Trinity up to the “Rodgers Road” bridge right past the Woodshed Restaurant.

After the run we will congregate at Chimy's. Specials are available for all social runners that participate. We’re all pretty cool people who love to meet more runners. So come out, have fun, drink, eat and meet new people that enjoy running, drinking and good times just like you!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Pete Cardenas
Founding Running Club member

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